Episode 4 – Ginger Snaps

Our latest episode is up over at Podbean.

Or you can click right here to listen/download: Episode 4 – Ginger Snaps

gingersnapsYour polterguides gathered to watch the bloody Canadian werewolf flick, Ginger Snaps. Released in 2000, the film embodies 90’s teen angst, showcases 90’s fashion, and used up gallons and gallons of red-tinted corn syrup.

Be aware, you may learn more about your polterguides than you ever wanted to know in this episode.

Also, be aware, a LOT of dogs die in this movie.

Rule # 3 – Don’t have unprotected sex with a werewolf. Or with anyone. Don’t have unprotected sex, you guys

GINGER SNAPS, Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, 2000. ©Unapix Entertainment



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